Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Today was a bad day, its cold, rainy and grey and i am ill in bed. There couldn't have been a better day to stumble upon Knitta Please - the texas based organisation responsible for the above knitted garment.

According to their website:

"yarnbombing is the collective's response to the mass-produced. By inserting handmade art in a landscape of concrete and steel, they were cheekily adding warmth
to our urban fixtures. Knit graffiti reengages us with our environment: the parking meters, buses, bike racks, lamp posts, car antennas, columns, statues, exposed plumbing, all of the furniture in our urban world that goes unnoticed every day. And of course, Knitta makes the streets prettier along the way"

Not only warming urban fixtures worldwide but my heart too! Thanks Knitta.

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